Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's SO fluffy! (23Dec10)

A lovely little bear in the bank while paying the rent. Here's a story you've probably heard before, but my Grandad used to tell it to us:

One day, while on their way to the fish market, a baby polar bear asks his mother "Mammy, are you sure I'm a polar bear?"
The mother looks up in thought, and replies "Well, I'm a polar bear, and your father's a polar bear. So I'd say yes, you're a polar bear."
Not satisfied with this answer, the baby polar bear looks to his father and asks "Daddy, am I really a polar bear?"
The father pauses briefly, and responds "Well, your mam's parents were both polar bears, and both my parents were both polar bears. So yes, you're definitely a polar bear."
The father then looks at his son and says "Why do you ask?"
The son replies "Because I'm feckin freeezing!"

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