Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Statue of two women sitting and talking to each other on Lower Liffey street. They've taken a rest from their shopping and their bags full of purchases are on the ground beside them. The bags clearly show that the women have been shopping in Arnott's, a large department store on Henry Street. By artist Jakki McKenna it was made in 1988 and has been nicknamed "The Hags with The Bags"!!
I remember a few years ago, somebody stole one of the bags, which would of been quite hard, seen as they are made of bronze! The bag had to be replaced, and now they are fixed to the ground.


  1. omg i remember taking a photo in that exact spot 2 years ago. need to dig up that photo. greetings from barcelona.


  2. I love it. How many statues in Dublin have been nicknamed in that way? I remember hearing about the Stiletto in the Ghetto and the Whore in the Sewer on O'Connell Street. Is the Molly Malone statue the Tart with the Cart or am I just making that up? There must be more...